Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lincoln - Review by Stoner Cricket

This is Stoner Cricket Review, where we review movies for Stoners, Ents, and the like. In today's installment I review “Lincoln.”

Lincoln takes place shortly after Lincoln's reelection during the Civil War and follows the passage of the 13th Amendment.

This is a blog where we review movies on the big screen to let you know if it’s worth the use of your cookie, brownie, or tokes off your pipe, etc. We use the Reddit Ent Scale to represent how stoned we were during the viewing. On a scale from [1 to 10] during the viewing of Lincoln, I would say I was about a [2].

Like I had said before my preferred method is to eat a brownie, cookie or some other kind of edible. I eat before the show, before even getting there, and by the time the show is starting it should be taking effect.

We came up with a rating system of up to 7 thumps up to let you know how much the movie is worth seeing baked. Is it worth the use of your trees? We don’t want your trees going to waste! The 7 thumbs up are determined by 3 categories: Effects, Plot, and Sound.

I give a thumb up for Sound. Lincoln is a very word-heavy movie, and it was not difficult to miss a few words here and there. The Special Effects for the movie were good. Along with the makeup and costumes, the special effects did a great job to bring you into the time period. I give 2 thumbs up for Special Effects. On to Plot, I'd say it was very good. I felt it was a story that keeps you interested and gives insight into not only the political situation at the time but also how the U.S. government works. If you happen to be a political junkie like Stoner Cricket is, then you will enjoy the movie. I really liked all the stories and anecdotes that Lincoln would tell. They were great! I wanted to see and hear more of them. Daniel Day Lewis does do a great job bringing President Lincoln to life on the big screen, as does Sally Field for Mary Todd Lincoln. I never realized how much of a bitch Mary Todd was! But, they complemented each other well. However, because Lincoln is a very word-heavy movie, I could see it being slightly hard to follow if you were too high and your mind started to wander. I give 2 thumbs up for Plot!

That gives a grand total of 5 out of 7 thumps up for Lincoln at a [2]. I would recommend the movie. It would not be a waste of your trees.

Thanks for reading this installment of Stoner Cricket Review. Please leave a comment or your thoughts on the movie, and return to find upcoming reviews. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Stoner Cricket.

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