Thursday, December 20, 2012

Skyfall - Review by Stoner Cricket

This is Stoner Cricket Review, where we review movies for Stoners, Ents, and the like. In today's installment I review “Skyfall.”

Skyfall is the 23rd installment of the 007 movies, and the 3rd for Daniel Craig as James Bond. Javier Bardem plays the villain bent on getting his revenge on M, head of MI6, played by Judi Dench.

This is a blog where we review movies on the big screen to let you know if it’s worth the use of your cookie, brownie, or tokes off your pipe, etc. We use the Reddit Ent Scale to represent how stoned we were during the viewing. On a scale from [1 to 10] during the viewing of Skyfall, I would say I was about a [4].

Like I had said before my preferred method is to eat a brownie, cookie or some other kind of edible. I eat before the show, before even getting there, and by the time the show is starting it should be taking effect.

We came up with a rating system of up to 7 thumps up for how much the movie is worth seeing baked. Is it worth the use of your trees? We don’t want your trees going to waste. The 7 thumbs up is determined by 3 categories: Effects, Plot, and Sound.

I give a thumb up for sound. Skyfall contained the memorable and catchy James Bond 007 theme song. Skyfall also had the traditional music opening that was full of cool effects. The special Effects for the movie were excellent. A few times during the film I wondered how they did some of it, and how much of it were effects versus how much were stunts. They also went to some exotic locations such as London and Scotland. I give effects 3 Thumbs up.

The plot was also good. It was not difficult to follow. Skyfall had a interesting villain. He was very eccentric, but not too comic-book like. I also really liked the actor who was cast as the new character of Q. The only thing I found confusing and didn't really like was when James Bond went into hiding and Q created a false GPS trail for the villain to follow. (Maybe I was too stoned and missed it!) But, did that work? Or did they catch on that it was false? It seemed like a tangent in the movie that was never played out. Maybe a scene was cut. Overall, I give 3 thumbs up for plot.

Giving a total of 7 out of 7 thumps up for Skyfall at a [4], I would recommend the movie. It was the best of the James Bond movies with Daniel Craig. It would not be a waste of your trees

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